It appears that Ruger has a new offering in the defensive pistol market. Called the LCP (light compact pistol), it’s a 380 designed for deep concealment or a backup. It carries a suggested retail price of $330. It has a sight channel with a front sight. Capacity is 6 rounds.

We have not had our hands on this yet, but pistols like this serve a great purpose for the person who wants to carry during the summer months. Everyone has struggled with how to carry their 1911 off duty or during the warmer months where a jacket isn’t really acceptable.

It looks surprisingly similar to the Kel-Tec P-3AT, which my administrative assistant recently purchased because it was one of the few semi-autos that she could manipulate the slide manually. She shot it over the weekend and loved it. So maybe there is a place for these little guns in your favorite lady’s purse, as well as your pocket.