I had friend recently get me to install his Ruger LCP with a Lasermax laser.  I had not seen this laser before, and I was impressed.  One of the great things about the Ruger LCP is that it is so small and perfect for a pocket or backup gun.  However, the sights leave something to be desired.  In a word, they are almost non-existent.

Enter the Lasermax option for the LCP.  It is a compact laser that mounts on the trigger guard of the gun.  Installation takes a few minutes and only requires a small phillips head screw driver like you would use on a pair of glasses.  The laser itself is easy to adjust with a supplied allen wrench.  While it is not the brightest laser in the world the price point is considerably lower than some of the other technology, and it offers ambidextrous operation.   At a little over $100 they are well worth it.