This week a friend of mine returned to his home after running errands at about 10:40 A.M. to find three burglars still looting his home.  When he entered the home he noticed things weren’t right, and announced for them to leave while the still had a chance.  He called police and went outside the home when he was advised by dispatch that the car in his driveway was carjacked at gunpoint the day before.

While outside he notice two men walking down the street away from his home.  A third man confronted him in his yard asking what the problem was.  These were not men that fit the neighborhood, and so he knew they were the thieves.  The third man had returned for the vehicle.  After a brief conversation the man jumped in the vehicle and side swiped my friend’s car leaving the premises.  He picked up the other two thieves, who evidently had gone back into the house while my friend was distracted by the third thief and picked up some of their loot.

Now that things have settled down I want to reflect on this situation becuase you could learn a lot from this.

  1. First, God blessed my friend because this is the type of scenario where people are hurt, and he was not injured.
  2. My friend got it right.  He didn’t confront anyone, and he left the home following the dispatcher’s instructions.  If you ever find a door or window open, do not enter.  This especially needs to be communicated to wives and children.  Go to a neighbor’s house and call the police.
  3. Before you say he should have gone on into the home to confront, recognize that they were in a back room with his guns and ammo.  Where do you keep yours?  Is it where you could not reach it upon returning home?  If you have a CCW permit  you would still have one in your car.  Again, this does not mean you clear the house, but remember the thief returned in broad daylight to confront my friend and get their vehicle.  With a CCW  you would at least have the option to defend yourself in a weird scenario like this.
  4. If you had a CCW , could you have engaged the gentleman that returned?  A gray area, but when I asked a supervisor about this in the police department I was told that in TN the castle doctrine does not carry over outside.  You would have to be able to articulate that he had the ability and intention of causing you major bodily harm.
  5. Always, always remember it is just stuff.  This is why you pay insurance.  Nothing is worth that.
  6. Good reminder for all of our gun owners to get a safe and join the NRA.  The NRA will provide you with up to $10,000 in coverage for your firearms.  His insurance covers $2,500 which thankfully will cover what was stolen.

Again, with the odd nature of this incident, my friend is blessed, but he was smart.  He got it right, and was able to identify one of thieves that was picked up later that night.  It looks like most of his stuff will be recovered.  When you are confronted with a tough situation, keep your head and survive.