Many of you are familiar with IDPA, but for those of you who are not it is the International Defensive Pistol Association.  Shooters must shoot basically factory guns that can only be modified lightly.  Magazines are loaded to 10 rounds maximum and you shoot with a concealment garment.  In short, it is about as fun as gets.  Being in Nashville, we have the luxury of shooting IDPA almost every week at a different match.  If you are looking for a Nashville match, check out the Music City Tactical Shooters.  These are great guys who run solid matches.

One of the great questions that exists is whether or not IDPA is simply a game or whether is actually good for training.  I think the answer is actually YES!

IDPA is a game.  There are rules, points, and timers.  You are shooting made up courses of fire that may or may not ever happen.  You are competing against a clock and your fellow competitors.  If you don’t think so go watch the bantering that takes place between friends at these matches.

No doubt some of the rules are argued about in the “tactical” community.  A word about such community is in order.  Just because you read it in an internet forum doesn’t make it true or tactical.  There are plenty of places to get tactical advice, but keyboard commandos are not who you want to listen to.  Get some training.  But I digress.

The rules can be argued about, but they work for the game, while being generally sound practice for your private world.  Remember that at the end of the day you are participating in a competition.

However, IDPA does give you some training.  It teaches you to shoot faster and more accurately.  You must remember stage protocol, reloading your firearm different ways, shooting from cover, and it gives you a little pressure.  Nothing like having 40 of your new best friends watching you flub a stage.

I encourage all you to check out some form of competition in the next few months.  You will discover quickly that it will be a wonderful learning experience.  Check the rigs people are using.  Check out their shooting styles and learn as much as possible.  Above all, have a great time enjoying your sport while getting better.