It is still hard to believe that the gun industry is missing Winchester firearms. I was recently doing an inspection on a Model 94 (post 64), and it made me so sad to know that my children will grow up without the ability to buy one of these guns. I know there are still many around , but they will become collectible in a few years. In the last month I have had two different people bring them to the shop for repair and maintenance. If you have one, make sure you keep it to pass down to the children. If you are looking now is a great time to buy. There will be a day when they will be a lost relic.

If you need a good brush gun, check out the Marlin lever action rifles in various calibers. They have made a name in Cowboy shooting and provide a solid gun at a great value.

Speaking of buying guns, check out the articles section of the site. Here you will find a wealth of information that will help you as you navigate various aspects of the shooting disciplines. The first articles are for any newbies looking to get started.