If you are like me, you love going to the local gun show. We have one this weekend in Nashville, and if you have never checked it out, it can be pretty good. Even though I love going, some of the shows that I’ve been to lately have been a little disappointing. The term “gun show ” implies that patrons should be able to find guns, parts, ammo, mags etc. However many of the shows are nothing but military surplus and beef jerky.

I mean don’t get me wrong I love beef jerky but, I am not really into seeing a bunch of peanut salesman and guys trying to sell me stuff that is totally worthless. For a gun show to be worth your time, it should have tons of full tables from quality dealers. That is what is missing from so many of the shows. Just a thought, but maybe having a few less shows every year could consolidate the good stuff and the good dealers to make it worth attending.

If you choose to go remember a few things; 1. It cost money to get in, normally $7 or $8. If you live in a rural area you have to drive to get there. Add it all up, and the great deal you think you are getting may not really be that great. It might be worth your time and effort to use a local dealer.

2. Many shows have some great used guns, and there will be dealers there with things they are trying to unload. If you want a great price, bring cash. It just talks louder than plastic.

3. Know what you want and what you can pay before you get in a situation that will lead to buyers remorse.

4. Before buying that used gun, make sure you are familiar with it so you can tell if it is all original. You don’t want to pay top dollar for a reworked S&W.

Follow these tips and you will have a great time at the show.