The sights that we told you about earlier in the week have obviously been used for entertainment value only.  However, it appears that in 2001 some Richmond, VA officials decided that this was a grave matter that needed to be addressed.

According to the Gun Zone, the city leadership began to denounce the sights until they realized it was a spoof.  This leads us to several conclusions:

  1. Elected officials in VA have too much free time on their hands.  Having lived several different times in the Commonwealth of VA, there are greater problems to fix.
  2. If you are an elected official or an official spokesperson for any agency or company, and you decide to speak out about a gun related issue, please consult with someone in the gun industry.  More policies are made over worthless things because elected officials never consult with anyone who knows.

You can read the full article here for more of how this hoax really got a lot of attention.

Full disclosure:  We tried to find the article printed on the Gun Zone’s website at the Richmond Times Dispatch website.  We were unable to verify its authenticity.