What is your effective range?  You should have a general idea of every gun’s effective range that you use.  Then you should have an idea of your effective range.  Can you place solid hits on game from 200 yards?  Can you shoot comfortably past 25 yards with your handgun?

Every gun has limitations, and most shooters have more limitations than the guns they use.  For instance, you only practice 15 yard shots with your Glock, but some larger stores have 50 yard aisles.  You need to think about where you will be using your weapon and practice accordingly.  It’s way to easy to go the range and just blow ammo by shooting close and fast.  Take sometime to practice precision shots at longer distances, and you will improve your overall shooting.

In the same way if you have a hunt scheduled practice shooting under pressure with a timer.  You may even want to get your heart rate up to simulate climbing at altitude.  It will be a rarity that you will have the perfect rest with plenty of time in the field.  Work on getting better at ranging your shots and doing it quickly.

When you know your effective range you will have confidence to make the shot that counts.