In the days of Cowboy movies it wasn’t unusual to see a tough guy carrying his weapon in a cross draw holster, that is butt forward opposite the strong hand.  While most pistoleros have traditionally chosen to carry strong side, there is actually a purpose for the cross draw holster that remains today.

The number one reason to consider a cross draw holster is if you tend to be in a seated position most of the time.  If you have a desk job or work out of a vehicle they can be wise choices for your handgun.  Trying to get your handgun out while seated in a car with seat belt fastened can be difficult to say the least.  A cross draw holster allows you the ability to access your gun quickly in this situation.

If you choose this option just remember that it provides minimal security for normal CCW because the butt is forward.  It also creates some issues because the strong hand must cross the body.  This makes warding of an attacker that much harder.   Ultimately, this should only be an option for a select group of CCW holders.  However, if you fit some of the qualifications listed above, cross draw may be a viable option for your needs.