We normally don’t cover this type of issue because the site is not a political forum, but I think all of you should be aware of what you are supporting.

Citi Merchant Services and First Data Corporation have decided not to work with gun dealers, manufacturers and distributors with gun sales that are not face to face. As you well know this is not a violation of the law as Citi has claimed, but is legal by sending guns to licensed dealers who then preform background checks on those who wish to purchase. This decision was handed down from Citi to CDNN Sports.

Our company routinely deals with CDNN and they are great. If you don’t know about them, check them out at cdnninvestments.com. They offer some great gear, including some police trade ins that we routinely carry in our shop. You can also get obsolete mags and parts.

So why write about this? Because Citi is uninformed and making a corporate decision that could make it very hard for military , law enforcement and even you to buy a gun if you can’t use their services. If you have any relationship with this corporation you should consider whether they represent your interests well. Check out the email they sent at the National Shooting Sports Foundation site; www.nssf.org.