Here is a tactical no no. It is not cool to have a CCW badge displayed. If you are that guy and no one has told you, it looks goofy. Let’s just remember the reason that we have CCW permits; for Concealed Carry!!! The other day at the Nashville Gun Show I saw way too many people wearing these. Let’s run this over.

If you are trying to conceal your weapon it is not cool to let everyone know that you have one. Secondly, you just might get in a situation where someone may think you are a cop, which you are not. You are citizen with a gun, but you might be accused of impersonating a police officer. I know we all wanted to be cops growing up, but this is not even close. Leave the badges to the professionals. Finally, everyone who knows anything about fighting, combat and survival immediately knows you are a pretender. So keep some respect among your peers. Better to be thought of as wise, than to wear a CCW badge and be confirmed a wannabe.