Not the kind you are likely thinking about.  Bill Seaver who runs Micro Explosion is hosting a boot camp in Nashville July 19, to teach you all things social media.  Bill and I go back to college and he is responsible for helping me create what you have come to know as MCC on the web.  He doesn’t do design, he helps you think about how to do business in today’s world.

As a perk to all of our readers Bill is offering a discount code off of the normal price.  You can check out all of the pertinent info at his blog.  Enter the following promo code to get your discount: socialboot_mcc

Guys you know I don’t promote stuff I don’t believe in.  This guy is quality.  You won’t want to miss this opportunity.  This will work for all walks of life.  Business, churches, schools, 501c3’s etc.

And for the critics of things like this; I receive nothing for this.  Just tell him buddy at MCC sent you.  That will probably nullify your $50 discount though so be careful.