On the MCC Ruger SP101 Conversion we used a set of Badger Custom Grips.  It was the first time that we had ever shot them.  The grips were awesome.  They are beautifully made.  So much so that it was hard to tell if they were one piece or in fact two piece construction.

The finish of the grips was awesome.  They felt great in the hand and absorbed the recoil much better than the factory grips.  If that isn’t enough they look awesome.  The black wood combined with the matte finish of the gun was a really cool combination, so much so that they will be a part of the standard MCC SP101 Conversion.

Here’s the great news.  Badger Custom makes grips for any number revolvers including Colt and S&W.  If you want to add sharp look to an old revolver you might want to check them out.