I thought it would be good to remind all of you that there are many good options right now that will allow you to keep shooting while ammo prices are rising.  If you don’t own a good 22 LR pistol, check out Smith and Wesson’s 22A or any of the Ruger pistols.  If you have a Glock, 1911, or Beretta, you can buy a conversion kit from Ciener.  They offer a wide variety of top ends. 

Rifles are easy to come buy in many configurations from lever action, bolt action or even uppers for your AR’s.  If you need a 22 LR upper check out DPMS.  With 223 ammo scarce, it is nice to run to Walmart to buy your ammo.  After all, what good is a gun with no ammo.

By the way, any of these guns make great gifts for your boss or loved one because they are on average very economical.  Most of all they are fun to shoot and allow you continue your training.  Just remember to keep all your fundamentals in tact while training with a 22.  Otherwise, you run the risk of wasting more money and most importantly time.