Many of our customers compete in IDPA, which stands for International Defensive Pistol Association. IDPA was started as a response to the direction that other shooting sports were taking in regards to gamesmanship and equipment races. To compete in IDPA, all you is a serviceable weapon in 9mm or larger, a holster, a mag pouch and a concealment garment.

IDPA is great because it teaches shooters things like the use of cover, reloading under stress, and shooting on the move. However, it is still a game. When training for IDPA or any other shooting discipline you need to remember that when stress comes, you are going to shoot the way that you have trained whether it be for competition or real life.

With that in mind, you need to be very careful how you use your range time. Don’t just go and hose down a target without thinking. When I have a lot of time, I love to one shot draws followed by two shot draws for about 50 rounds. I then go to shooting while moving. And you might as well use the stuff you are going to be using in competition or on the street. That goes for cops as well. I know its cumbersome, but make sure you are shooting with your duty rig and vest on from time to time.

When it really counts you want to be ready. Make sure you are by training by using your time and ammo wisely.