We get asked about Class III weapons a lot.  It seems everyone wants to have one at least once in their life.  We are not a Class III dealer because we simply don’t see the point of the whole thing.  A Class III weapon might include a suppressor, a short barreled rifle or shotgun or an automatic weapon. 

You can legally purchase these by going through a Class III dealer and filing your paperwork with the government.  However, the restrictions are high and so is the cost.  You will end up paying $200 to the government for each weapon.  Not a big deal on suppressors or short barreled weapons, but automatic weapons haven’t been imported in this country since the late 1980’s.  This means that the prices are outrageous for most of them.  Expect to pay in the thousands of dollars.

Then remember that you have a federally regulated weapon.  You must inform ATF whenever you plan to travel with the weapon across state lines.  You must always have your paperwork with the weapon. 

Don’t get me wrong, they are fun to shoot, but you can have as much fun going to Knob Creek every year for a lot less money and headache.