James just asked an interesting question in the comments section of the website concerning the installation of XS sights on an SP101.  It is actually a little more involved than the Glock sites, so let me quote the steps from XS’s installation brochure:

  1. Place gun in padded vise.
  2. Drive out the front sight pin(s).
  3. Remove the old sight and insert the new Express Sight into the slot.  Some fitting may be required.
  4. Hold the sight in the slot (red threadlocker may be used to hold the sight in place) and drill the hole(s) for the retaining pin.  Drill half way through from each side.  Drilling through from both sides will give a straighter hole for installing the retaining pin.
  5. Apply red threadlocker to the pin, then drift the retaining pin into place to secure the sight.

I have asked XS what size drill to use on these sights, and they would not recommend one, claiming that Ruger changes the diameter of the pin from time to time.  I have not found any variation in my experience, but that may be true.  I have used a 1/16 drill bit before, but a word of caution: be very careful because the drill will have a tendency to walk on you, enlarging the hole.  This isn’t the end of the world, but it makes the hole not look so great.  Get some red threadlocker from your hardware store because it doesn’t come with it, like on the Glock sights.

Other than these precautions, we love them.  The XS Sight Systems seem to work great.  I wish they had better customer service, and I wish their website was better.  Other than that, I don’t have any complaints with the sights themselves.  They are solid and easy to use.