This weekend we finally got to do something we have been waiting to do for a long time; XS Sights on the Judge.  We had been hearing rumors of a XS Sight for a while, but hadn’t seen it on the XS website.  While it still isn’t listed on the website, it is in fact being made.

Many of you know that these are some of our favorite sights.  We have installed them on Glocks, Ruger SP101’s and S&W revolvers for years.  The dot is so easy and fast to acquire and shoot.  We are now offering these sights for installation on the Judge line of revolvers.  I will caution everyone out there that this is not a drop in part.  File work is part of this install, and that was even a little goofy.  Evidently Taurus is using a specially ground 70 degree dovetail cutter.  Most sights are cut on 60 or 65 degree angles.  So I promptly butchered the first one I received and had to reorder.  2nd time around was the charm as the pictures show.

If you are looking for a great night sight or metal replacement sight for your Judge you have to check these out.  They are a great addition to a very interesting pistol.

XS Standard Dot installed: $100