If you are considering night sights for you pistol you may have heard of a great sight called the Big Dot from XS Sights.

These sights have been around for a while. In fact we first heard of them from the Tactical Shooting Academy. D.R. Middlebrooks has variation of this sight called Pro-Sights. While both of the sights use the letter “i” to sight the gun, Middlebrooks makes his v-notch deeper which may improve the accuracy.

What no one disputes is how fast these sights are for competition and self-defense. The sighting system is simple and effective. Its only limitation is that you will not shoot your most accurate groups with these sights, but if you are not shooting bullseye it shouldn’t be a factor.

One thing to keep in mind. XS advertises these sights as user installed. We have installed them on Glocks, 1911’s and a Springfield XD, and have found that it is not always easy without the use of a sight pusher. The Glock is by far the easiest of the three we have experience with, but it still wasn’t easy. What you don’t want to do is start beating on your tritium sights with a hammer and punch. Be very careful here. If your sights are hard to get in like they were on the XD, take them to a gunsmith. Don’t pound them until you break the sight or mess up your gun. Some things should be done by people with the proper tools.