I spoke to the guys at XS Sights the other day and asked them when I might be able to get my hands on some Big Dots for the Judge.  I think that would make that gun go to another level.  The .410’s are making a strong play right now in the revolver market, and the Taurus Judge seems to lead the way.  I have to say that the thought of carrying the Judge makes me think I might have to get one sooner than later.

We want to start offering a package called the Chief Justice, that would include grips that look like they belong instead of the cheap looking rubber grips that come standard.  It would hopefully include the Big Dots, and a trigger job.

So here is the deal, we are offering a free trigger job to the first person that is willing to send us their Judge.  This includes adjusting springs, and polishing all the internal works.  We will supply the parts and labor.  You supply the shipping.  What we need you guys to start doing is heckling XS to make the sights.  With enough pressure they just may get moving on it.  When you write or call, tell them MCC asked you to do it.

We also want to know what you guys are putting on for grips, and what holsters you are using.  So if you have a comment, we want to hear it.

If you are the one with the Judge who wants the free trigger job email us.

UPDATE:  Congratulations to F. Gonzalez.  He is the recipient of the free Taurus trigger job.  Keep looking for more opportunities for free work as it comes available.