I recently wrote a post about a Winchester 190 that had come to the shop for a detailed cleaning.  Having not been familiar with the 190, I have been surprised to see how much traffic that post has attracted.  Evidently there are a lot of you out there who have found this great gun to be fun to shoot through the years.  Because of the interest, I thought I would follow it up with some information I found about the Winchester 290.

The 290 is the same gun as the 190 with some very minor external variations.  The main difference is that the 290 wears a wooden stock.  Internally these guns are identical.  The 190 was actually introduced after the 290 to be a cheaper variation.  The 290 debuted in the 1960’s and the 190 came out in the 1070’s.

I want to remind all of our readers that these guns will probably require a gunsmith to help you disassemble and reassemble them. They aren’t particularly hard, but the recoil spring can be a nightmare.  Make sure you are in a good mood before you attempt to put it back together.  Otherwise, happy shooting and hunting with these great guns.