With all of the great shotguns that are out there today, why choose to only use the Remington models for the SM-1?  It’s a great question with a few simple answers;

  1. Availability-Most people can get their hands on a Remington 870, 1100, or 1187 easily.  They have been around forever, and you can genereally find them used in large quantities at gunshows.
  2. Custom Options-While any other shotgun can be modified, the Remington accessories are plentiful, and easy to obtain without breaking the bank.  The Options for the Remington are more often than not well made.  There are lots of accessories that are poorly made, and they reflect that in their performance.
  3. Proven Track Record-These guns have seen lots of rounds, and they are great.  It doesn’t hurt that everyone at MCC has used Remington products for years.
  4. Price-We have seen 870’s for less than $200, and 1100’s for less than $300.

All that adds up to a great platform for a shotgun.