Many of our readers find at least one gun in their collection that either isn’t worth $.02 or doesn’t work anymore.  When you find yourself in this situation you have several options;

  1. Have a FFL dealer log the gun in and destroy it.  This is accomplished by cutting the frame to make it in operable.  This isn’t much fun, but it gets it off your records, and prevents anyone who shouldn’t have the gun from getting it.
  2. Use it to practice something.  You’ve always wanted to see if you could refinish a stock, so why not try on something that won’t lose any value if you mess it up.
  3. Call Numrich.  Sometimes they will take guns in for parts.  Don’t expect to get much, but it is better than nothing.
  4. Save it for your kids inheritance.  Nothing says I love you like a worthless gun.  This is something my grandfather did for me.  I laugh because it reminds me of him constantly.  He never believed in maintenance.  So I have a semi-auto I am sure he paid less than $100 for during his lifetime, but I still keep it to remind me of him.

If all else fails, disable the gun and hang it above the fireplace.  I am sure the Mrs. in your life will approve as much as mine would.