I just completed my U.S. Census for this year.  I encourage all of you to be good citizens and do the same.  I actually completed it as soon as it arrived because I was dying to know if there was a gun question on there as many of you have written me asking about that.

There was nothing more than who lived where and what were there ages.  They didn’t ask any other questions about my personal life, which leads me to tell you this:  I hate the Internet.  I hate gun forums.  I hate people who promote these lies and waste your time.

So many readers have been really concerned about this, but it turned out to be nothing.  This happens all the time with fake legislation and other rumors that are populated in the above mentioned portals.  If you hear something that sounds a little crazy, check it out with the NRA, your congressman or senator.  Don’t start sending chain emails stirring the pot even more.  If we all see ourselves as educators, we can really go a long way to defeat some of the prevailing attitudes that people have, and save people tons of time and energy worrying about nothing.

Remember, if you are worried about the Census you are wasting time that could be spent teaching a new shooter, writing a blog about your favorite gun, or introducing your friends to the great shooting sports and reloading.  Don’t fall for it.