Recently had a customer request some grips from a French company called Trausch Grips.  I had never heard of them, but I must say I am very impressed.  They are larger than the Badger boot grips and the regular Ruger SP 101 grips that come standard with the gun.  The Grips are very, very snug on the gun.  In fact it can be a work out the first time you put them on!  Since the SP 101 is really not a pocket gun because its weight, I think these would make a perfect addition to any Ruger.  The rubber covers the back portion of the frame so that you really feel a difference in felt recoil.

You can get them for about $40 which includes shipping.  Who knew the French could be so useful with firearms?

This gun got a trigger job, Big Dot Sight, and the Trausch grips on it.  We love finding new ways to make this great gun even better.