If you have been thinking about buying a rifle or handgun. . .  your too late!  Prices for standard items are now 3x the going rate of a month ago.  Sometimes in life you sit on the fence too long.  Sure there are certain things still available.  However, most of the tactical gear is gone.  By the way this includes ammo.  If you haven’t noticed your local big box store is out then you haven’t been in one lately.  Everything except the weird stuff is gone.

What to do?  You could pay 3x the price for something and buy into the paranoia that has infected this market.  Or you could wait until April.  By then the government will have decided what they are going to do.  In the mean time, some things will come back.  Others will be sold because tax season will hit.

A word to the wise; if you see something you want don’t think about.  If its there at a fair price, it won’t be tomorrow.