Mossy Creek Training is one step closer to offering the TN Handgun Permit Class that will qualify you to obtain a CCW permit.  We hope to have a class scheduled by the end of next week for June.

Price for the class is $110 which includes all materials you need for the TN Handgun Permit Class as well as the NRA Basic Pistol Course.  We have decided to offer both simultaneously.

If you are looking for a class to pass you through to your permit, you will need to seek out somewhere else.  We are interested in training people in the Basic Pistol course which gives you the skills necessary to become a great shooter.

You won’t find Rambo teaching our classes.  We are not interested in sounding Tactical, or even Tacticool.  We want you to be a proficient shooter who has the confidence to handle your firearm safely.  What you will find are some of the best instructors around today.

Classes will run a full 8 hours.  When you finish you will have obtained an NRA Basic Pistol Course certification and your Handgun Permit Certificate.

Need to start at the very beginning?  Try our NRA First Steps Course.  You don’t need to own a firearm to attend.  Everything is provided for you.  Cost of the course is $75.

If you need a specific course date, please feel free to email us at