I am often asked if I have seen a magazine article that someone has written by a customer.  They are usually curiuos about the latest greatest item that is being offered.  Too often I can’t help because I just don’t keep up with that many.  The problem with the magazines is that they are there to promote the industry and make money, not always in that order.  What you don’t want to do is start buying stuff just because you saw it this month’s magazine.  You also don’t want to trust everything you read.  All too often the magazines produce articles about people they have never met in person, with guns that are sent as test pieces for short periods of times.  This makes an honest assessment difficult to reach.

One thing that you can be sure of on this blog.  No one is paying the bills but the customer.  We don’t have any sponsors yet, so there is only one boss, the owner of MCC.  There may be a day when that changes, but right now if you see us advocate something, it is because we have tested it, tried, and believe in it.  When we say you should get a trigger job on your Glock, AR, and 1911, it’s because that is what we do on our personal guns.  If we promote a product you can bet that it works.  We use them everyday.

Believe half of what you see.  Some and none of what you read.  Especially if that article is followed by a full color add.  Use the magazines to keep up with the industry.  Get your evaluations from friends and people who use the products you are interested in purchasing.