The door at Mossy Creek has been a revolving door of late.  It seems that more and more of you are sending in revolvers for trigger jobs and customizations  We finish them and send them out only to have more come into the shop.  There are the usual Ruger SP101’s, J-Frames and Ruger Blackhawks, and Taurus revolvers that keep rolling through.  As we got to thinking about this, it reminded us of how a business is started with certain plans and intents, but ultimately the work chooses you.

When I started MCC in 2005 I never thought about working on revolvers.  It wasn’t that I didn’t appreciate them, I actually carried one as a backup/off-duty weapon.  I just never thought about modifying them.   After all the only people that have revolvers are old dudes, right?  Not at all.  I have found that there is a culture of revolver fans who appreciate the old wheel gun for what it is truly worth, but I simply wanted to help cops, 3 gun competitors and people who liked Glocks as much as I did.

In fact the revolver process started with a Glock.  A great customer from GA, called after he received his Glock from us to see if we could do something for a Ruger SP101.  He emailed everything  he wanted and asked us to give it a shot because he knew us and our reputation for turnaround time (still at about 2 weeks after the last 6 years).  I liked what he asked for and posted a few pictures.

This picture changed who we were and what we do today.  At that time, Glocks, Remingtons and AR-15’s dominated our books.  Today we probably spend 75% of our time on revolvers.  Who could have predicted that it would turn out that way?

I have thought about this a lot this fall and I have come to a few conclusions as to why this happened.  1.  Not many people advertise that they work on revolvers.  It seems it is a lost art.  Perhaps it is not slick enough.  2.  Every factory trigger job can be improved.  We recently received a Taurus for a trigger job that seemed to stack as the trigger was pulled.  After a few minutes the error was determined to be a burr that had been overlooked at the factory.  Polishing, tuning and custom springs had gun 100% better.  3.  There are tons of people who like us love revolvers.  My personal collection continues to grow.  Each one brings a new and exciting challenge.  4.  Faster turnaround than some of other gunsmiths.  Who wants to wait a year or even 3 months?

As we start our 7th year, we have to say we are grateful.  Gunsmithing provides an outlet for a passion.  It is so much fun to get to meet people from all over the country who share that passion.  Instantly there is a connection.  Thanks for being a part of what we do whether you are a customer or simply a reader.  For now we will continue to send those revolvers out the revolving door.