Every four years in America a phenomenal thing takes place designed by our founding fathers to make sure our country has every opportunity to reflect the will of the people.  You guessed it; a presidential election.  KEEP READING (Sorry for yelling, but this won’t be what you think).  The transfer of power takes place without coup, military action, blood in the streets etc.  We are truly blessed to be a part of such a wise heritage of leadership that created a form of government that still works today.  The only thing about that change of power is that it always follows a change of agenda.  Obviously you should support candidates that reflect your values and interests, but there are several other things you can do to ensure your interests are protected and none of them involve rallies, marches or campaign signs. You don’t even have to be a Democrat or Republican.  All you have to be is who you already are.

Take someone shooting.  I was reminded of this last night as several friends and I were talking.  I have been delinquent by not taking some of my own family members to the range.  Since I entered the business I have taken countless friends and family out for their first time on the range.  I think you will be surprised at their reaction.  In all my years of shooting only one person has ever declined this invitation, and he happened to believe that guns should be banned.  He chose not to go on moral grounds, and I respect that.  However, I have had many people who thought guns were inherently dangerous change their minds after a day at the range.

What generally happens is that people’s fears are relieved when they see that shooting is not about being militant.  They learn that guns don’t go off by themselves.  They learn that it is a great family atmosphere in many ways like other sports they have participated in through the years.  What generally happens is that they come away with a whole new appreciation for your passion.

By taking your friends shooting, they can see all of the great things about your sport.  Same thing with hunting, reloading, or the shooting sports.  Most people would love to participate if they were invited by someone that could show them the ropes.  Just remember that you will be the most important impression they have on the shooting sports so make it a good one by teaching them firearm safety.  One final thought on this; make sure you start them off with a 22lr.  No Dirty Harry stuff.  We want them to come back!

There is one other way you can make a difference.  Join the NRA.  We are NRA members through and through.  I have a Life Membership, and MCC is also a member.  They are great proponents of your freedom, and they offer some of the most affordable training available to you.  When you join you will receive gun insurance, a magazine and great discounts on other services.

Total cost to all of these radical ways to make sure you continue to enjoy the shooting sports:  less than $50 ($35 for the NRA and $15 for ammo and targets).