I spent all day Friday working on revolver trigger jobs.  I mentioned the S&W J-Frame last week.  On Friday the day was spent working on a Taurus Hammerless and a Charter Arms UC Lite.   While I have been familiar with Taurus for a long time, I have never owned a Charter, and this was my first time to do a trigger job for one.

While they are comparable in price (cheaper than a S&W), the similarities end there.  The Charter came to me with very rough factory pull.  It needed a lot of work on the inside, and parts are not readily available for modifications.  One weakness with the charter system is that it uses pins and screws in the frame instead of a traditional 3 screw configuration to hold the side plate on the revolver.  In fact one of these pins had started working out of the revolver when it arrived at the shop.

The Taurus is similar in design to the S&W J-Frame.  It has some slight differences, but overall they could be considered cousins.  The parts on the inside were in terrible shape, but you can definitely tell a difference in the manufacturing from a Smith.  It’s close, but not quite on par.

Either of these guns will prove acceptable.  The Taurus is most like a Smith and has that feel if you are looking for a cheaper version of the Smith.  It also comes with that notable lifetime warranty.  The Charter comes in several colors and is very lightweight.

If I had to rank my preference for a small revolver it would go like this; S&W, Taurus, and Charter.