I recently had a customer bring in a Taurus Model 80, .38 special revolver to me with a few minor things that needed to be worked out.  He complained of the gun locking up from time to time when he was shooting at the range.  It couldn’t be replicated with dummy rounds or empty cases, but when live ammo was used it was as if the gun would freeze up.

This type of problem is not uncommon for a revolver.  If your ejector rod becomes loose it will likely cause this type of malfunction.  Try screwing it back in with some padded pliers to correct the problem.

A few other thoughts for you revovler shooters.  You will keep your gun in good order if you treat it well.  They are very simple, but effective choices for weapons.  Don’t slam the cylinder into the frame.  It looks cool, but it can bend the  yoke.  The other thing is that you really don’t want to dry fire a revolver much at all, especially if your hammer has a spur.  This could damage the gun.

Keep them oiled and you will have  a great gun for many years.  We do advise getting them to your local gunsmith every few years for a detailed cleaning.  Hope this helps you with that tricky revolver.