This week I got to spend some time with a few folks who were new shooters.  It was interesting to watch because many of the shooters were women.  We wrote about the Taurus Judge, and told you that it was a gun worth looking at.  Seeing it in action was confirmation of what the gun is capable of doing.

Shots were taken at several cans lined up.  On more than one occasion the cans were dispatched in one shot.  Recoil was mild, and even the smallest framed ladies had no problem with it.  No one had any complaints about the gun.  In fact, many shooters were so impressed they said they would like to had it to their collection.  If and when guns ever become available again, this should be one you look at.  The .410 option makes it a great home defense gun because of the low risk of hurting unintended neighbors and relatives, and the simplicity of the revolver makes it a logical choice for someone that doesn’t shoot much.  Check it out.  We don’t thin you will be disappointed.