Summer's End

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Summer is winding down, and I for one am glad.  I’m sick of a hot shop that sucks the life out of you.  I am also ready for the change of season and the busyness that comes with fall.  Our shop is already coming out of the summer lull (who shoots when its hot?!!).  We are excited about a few of the great projects that kept us rolling this summer.  Two of these were outside the norm, but very interesting restorations.  More to come on that...

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Ruger Six Models

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For many years Ruger produced a line of revolver that ended in 6: Speed 6, Security 6, Service 6.  They were the precursor to the GP100 and Sp101. As usual with Ruger, they are rock solid.  In some ways, they are a little easier to get inside of than the modern revolvers.   They only drawback for custom work is that they do not use a coil spring for the trigger return spring.  This makes tuning the trigger a little harder, but replacement...

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