For many years Ruger produced a line of revolver that ended in 6: Speed 6, Security 6, Service 6.  They were the precursor to the GP100 and Sp101.

As usual with Ruger, they are rock solid.  In some ways, they are a little easier to get inside of than the modern revolvers.   They only drawback for custom work is that they do not use a coil spring for the trigger return spring.  This makes tuning the trigger a little harder, but replacement spring kits are available from Brownells.

A quick look at Gunbroker shows many of these guns available for a very reasonable price.  If you are looking for a ranch gun, home defense revolver, or simply want a full size revolver for plinking these fit the bill.   A watchful eye could probably find one or two for sale at the local gun show for a decent price right now.

By the way, the stainless models look great bead blasted! $100

Trigger Jobs-$100