Ruger Quality Control Problems

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Not sure what is going on with Ruger’s SP 101 quality control right now.  The last two new revolvers we have seen were not as clean as they have been in the past.  One revolver had a hand that was improperly fitted causing the gun to bind up when the trigger was pulled slowly.  The other we had had rust all over the front sight and the sight cut had been made smaller than usual. I also heard from a customer who had purchased a LC9 that he...

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Ruger LC9

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Word on the street is that Ruger is really ramping up their production of the LC9.  It is supposed to be the next greatest thing in pocket carry.  Bigger than the LCP, it packs 7+1 capacity of 9mm.  It looks great, and I can’t wait to try one.  If it is as good as the LCP, they will have done something that is awesome. By the way, we have been told that the LC9 and the LCP come off the same production line.  I can’t confirm this,...

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