Word on the street is that Ruger is really ramping up their production of the LC9.  It is supposed to be the next greatest thing in pocket carry.  Bigger than the LCP, it packs 7+1 capacity of 9mm.  It looks great, and I can’t wait to try one.  If it is as good as the LCP, they will have done something that is awesome.

By the way, we have been told that the LC9 and the LCP come off the same production line.  I can’t confirm this, but that explains why the LCP’s have dried up.  If you want an LCP and you see one, buy it now or you may have to wait a month or so until they get back into full production.  This is the same thing Glock does.  For months you won’t be able to find a particular model and then the distributors have thousands on hand.