Revolver Trigger Jobs Myths

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If you are interested in getting your a Ruger SP101, S&W J-Frame, or Taurus trigger job, there are a few things to keep in mind: Cutting coils isn’t always the way to go.  Cutting the coils on a factory spring may sound like a great idea, but it isn’t always the way to go.  I was taught, and still believe, that replacement springs are a better option.  With Wolff manufacturing some great spring kits, you can achieve reliable...

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Bowen Classic Arms

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The other day we had the opportunity to speak with Hamilton Bowen of Bowen Classic Arms (BCA), one of the top 100 pistolsmiths according to American Handgunner magazine.  His company specializes in all things revolver and offers some amazing packages for your Smith and Wesson or Ruger revolvers.  One of the things that you will appreciate is his friendly staff.  They simply treat you like you are a real person. Since wheelguns have become a...

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