Big Dot Holster Fit Issues

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Dave asked a great question that I have never thought about addressing on the blog concerning holster fit issues when using Big Dot’s on a Ruger SP101.  Our experience has been that this isn’t an issue.  While they are a big front sight, they are not so big as to cause holster fit issues in most cases.  Since we started doing the conversion several years ago, we haven’t had anyone inform us of an issue. In fact, we install...

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Installation of XS Sights for Ruger SP101

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James just asked an interesting question in the comments section of the website concerning the installation of XS sights on an SP101.  It is actually a little more involved than the Glock sites, so let me quote the steps from XS’s installation brochure: Place gun in padded vise. Drive out the front sight pin(s). Remove the old sight and insert the new Express Sight into the slot.  Some fitting may be required. Hold the sight in the slot...

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