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Humidity is crazy right now in Nashville.  It is making life “thick” for us.  I wanted to remind all of you to take care of your firearms, reloading equipment etc.  It is very easy to wipe a metal surface down with some light oil and it will go a long way towards keeping your gear good. I say this to remind me as well, because I had a J-Frame I neglected about 4 years ago when we moved to Nashville, and it looks like cancer took...

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Gun Rust

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Gun Rust is an owner’s worst nightmare.  You have saved for a long time to finally be able to afford that great shotgun for the bird season.  You took your time picking it out.  Of course you had your favorite gunsmith fit it for you.  Everything is a go.  Before you left the store, you decided to get a fancy case to keep your gun  safe as you travel.  You go home, put it in the closet and are devastated when you pull it out to find...

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Shooting in Inclement Weather

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Inclement weather always makes shooting fun, but it also provides several challenges including keeping your gun rust free.  We have been soaked for a few days in Nashville making testing a little more challenging.  Fortunately we have covered firing positions that keep the wet weather away from our guns, but if you don’t have no fear. Shooting in the rain can actually be pretty enjoyable as long as you dress appropriately.  It definitely...

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