Inclement weather always makes shooting fun, but it also provides several challenges including keeping your gun rust free.  We have been soaked for a few days in Nashville making testing a little more challenging.  Fortunately we have covered firing positions that keep the wet weather away from our guns, but if you don’t have no fear.

Shooting in the rain can actually be pretty enjoyable as long as you dress appropriately.  It definitely adds an element to the process that you normally don’t encounter.  If you happen to be shooting in the rain or hunting during a snow shower here are a few tips to keep your guns in good working order.

  1. Don’t forget to oil.  You should do this before and after every range trip, but especially if you are out in wet weather.
  2. When finished never store your guns in a foam gun case.  These actually attract moisture and will aid the rusting process.
  3. If you do see some surface rust forming, oil and lightly remove with very fine steel wool.  Don’t get heavy handed or you will take the finish.
  4. Remove stocks, grips, and other moisture traps and wipe clean, then apply a healthy coat of oil.

The rain doesn’t have to ruin your hunt or day at the range as along as you are mindful to take care of your guns when you return.