Sevigny Competition Sights

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Just finished up a Glock 34 for that will be a competition gun for IDPA.  The customer and I decided to add a set of Dave Sevigny Competition Sights to the gun.  These sights are made by Warren Tactical and feature a plain black rear sight with a fiber optic front sight.  The sight comes with a red and a green tube for you to choose.  We settled on the red tube, and I think this suits my eyes better. Internally we did a competition trigger job...

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Gun Presentation

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A good gun presentation is crucial to solid shooting.  It involves pushing the gun out to where your eye is on target.  In this video you will notice that Dave Sevigny does this every time he changes directions.  This makes the first shot true to where you are looking.  You can practice this at home with a post it note on the wall.  With the gun UNLOADED work on presentations from different points in the room.  When you get this fundamental...

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Which trigger job is right for you?

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I was talking to a very informed shooter from GA today who was considering some work for his Glock, and it was great because he totally got it.  Too many people don’t really get what that their perceived needs are really desires and not wants.  The temptation in trigger jobs is to go too low.  Most of the people that contact us for work want a trigger that is unrealistic, and we end up agreeing that it doesn’t fit their needs. If...

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