Glock Generation 4

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I was looking through the Glock Annual magazine the other day, and I was suddenly stuck by the thought that for the first time Glock seems to be playing a little catch up to some of the other brands that are on the market. For years they have been the leader in all things polymer. If your gun was black, it was a Glock. Now the Smith and Wesson M&P, Springfield XD and others are competing heavily for your polymer dollars. The Generation 4...

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Practice Like You Plan to Play

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If you carry a gun on a daily basis, outside of a uniformed position, I have a question for you:  Do you carry the gun you shoot the most?  Being a competitive shooter myself I find that I am often lacking in practice time for my real gun. For many years I have shot a Glock 17 in IDPA.  This gun has had untold thousands of rounds put through it, but my S&W J-frame has not had even 1,000 rounds sent out of it.  Obviously this presents a...

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