A Birthday Gun

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A birthday is an interesting event in your life.  Is it something to celebrate or be sad about?  A mile marker or a countdown?  If you want to take away some of the sting from another year past, you should try to commemorate it with a new gun. For the first time today I had a customer come to the shop to pick up his birthday present that his WIFE picked out for him all the while keeping it a complete secret.  Go ahead and applaud a female who...

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Big Box Stores

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I want to preface what I am about to say by mentioning that I don’t own a gun store.  I run a customization business, so I am not against Big Box stores because they hurt my business. They do hurt the shooting community in many ways, but they can also be beneficial. I was at a Big Box store this week with several friends.  While I was perusing the gun stuff I overheard a sales associate trying to answer a customer’s question about...

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