I want to preface what I am about to say by mentioning that I don’t own a gun store.  I run a customization business, so I am not against Big Box stores because they hurt my business. They do hurt the shooting community in many ways, but they can also be beneficial.

I was at a Big Box store this week with several friends.  While I was perusing the gun stuff I overheard a sales associate trying to answer a customer’s question about the difference between double and single action firearms.  The associate was not very clear, and couldn’t decide if a Glock was single action or double action.  I stepped in and answered a few questions about what a single action revolver was and why the Glock was a striker fired system.

The customer was an older gentleman who had no business buying a firearm because he was not educated about what he was looking at.  What he really needed was to take the NRA First Steps Class.  He was in need of fundamental training.  Purchasing the Glock 19 he was looking at would have been like me buying a Persian Rug.  All of us have our areas of ignorance.

What was frustrating about the encounter was that the employee didn’t know enough not to sell the man the gun.  He should have recommended a training course, perhaps an intro to firearms.  I am not saying this needs to be taught by Mossy Creek Training.  The store could certainly do it and make loads of money, but that is not their gig.

Before you buy, consider the source.  Is it wise to purchase something you have no clue about?  Take the opportunity to get some good training.  The worst thing you could do would be to get a firearm, and never learn how to properly use it.  That is nothing short of dangerous.

The NRA offers Basic Courses and the First Steps Course all over the country.  Check out there website for more info.  Soon we will be offering the First Steps Course as well as many other courses that will help you reach proficiency with your firearms.  Take the time to learn your system and you will love shooting and find a lot of satisfaction in the shooting sports.