.357 Sig

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The Sheriff’s office I worked for in VA was a big fan of Sig Sauer pistols.  When they made the shift from wheel guns, they went to the Sig 226 in 9mm.  After the VA State Police switched to the .357 Sig cartridge, we did as well.  The platform was the Sig 229 in .357 sig. These guns are a little bulky for my taste, and I think they ride a too high in the hand.  What I won’t argue is their reliability.  They run.  The .357 sig...

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Hornady Critical Defense 38 Special + P

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I recently had the opportunity to test out a newer ammo from the guys at Bulk Ammo.  They are a company that services shooters through competitive prices, and as the name implies the more you buy the better the prices become.  Steve sent me some of Hornady’s new Critical Defense 38 special +P. This ammo is specifically designed as a defensive load.  Since most of the work we do is on wheel guns used for duty and protection it seemed like...

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