The Sheriff’s office I worked for in VA was a big fan of Sig Sauer pistols.  When they made the shift from wheel guns, they went to the Sig 226 in 9mm.  After the VA State Police switched to the .357 Sig cartridge, we did as well.  The platform was the Sig 229 in .357 sig.

Sig 229

These guns are a little bulky for my taste, and I think they ride a too high in the hand.  What I won’t argue is their reliability.  They run.  The .357 sig cartridge is a manageable round in this platform.  It is a little snappy, but the pistol’s weight is manageable.

With ammo being hard to find in all calibers, I have been itching to reload, and for some reason I have decided to bring the 229 out of retirement and load up some ammo.  Cost is the same as loading for 9mm which represents a huge savings over buying factory ammo. has it in stock for almost $40.  If my math is correct, I should be able to load it for $15 per 100 rounds.

If you ever wanted to know more about this round, check out Pete’s .357 sig page.  It has all the info you could ever want to know.