Pocket Carry

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One of the great things that the ultralight revolver gives you is the ability to carry in a pocket.  This may be the most discreet way to carry off duty or CCW.  With the right holster you never print, and your weapon is relatively secure. A few considerations about pocket carry; Make sure you have a decent holster that will stay in the pocket when the gun is drawn.  Everybody makes one, but you need to try them out. Think twice before you...

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BUG Guns

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Do you have a plan for a malfunction?  Do you ever consider that your primary weapon might be taken away?  Neither of these scenarios are fun to be in, but you can prepare as much as it depends on you to stay ready for all situations.  When I served with a local sheriff’s office, I constantly thought about these things.  If you are a LE you have no excuse anymore to not carry a BUG (back up gun) unless your department prohibits it. ...

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