There exists a wide gulf in my house when it comes to the clothing that I wear.  My wife and I were headed out to dinner Friday night with some family members.  We weren’t going to go anywhere out of the ordinary, and it wasn’t designed to be a really nice dinner either.  Something along the lines of O’Charley’s or Applebees.

As we got ready to leave I heard the dreaded phrase . . “are you wearing those pants?”  I have a little bit of a cynical side, so I really wanted to say, “Actually this is a figment of your imagination,” but I showed restraint.  What she was alluding to were the pair of Woolrich Elite Series Discreet Pants pictured below.


I replied that I wasn’t wearing tactical pants.  Notice that there are no pockets for knives, AR Magazines, medic kits, or any of the other cool things that you might normally find on a good pair of tacticals.  However, my wife pointed out that regular khakis don’t have a key ring sewn onto the front belt loop, and that the back pockets are normally not cut in a wierd shape.

I started to argue, but then thought better of it, because she was right. Which leads me to this.  Why not offer the Discreet Pant that is actually discreet?  5.11 doesn’t offer one, Woolrich comes close, but in the end they are simply tactical pants.  I love these pants, but they could be a little more refined with the subtraction of the two things my wife mentioned.  I’m not looking for Polo chinos, but something in between would be perfect.  Who knows, maybe they will design a pant like that and call it the MCC pant, and you can all say you heard it first.