I recently had the opportunity to put a Big Dot on a S&W J-Frame.  Same sight as the Ruger SP101, and same process for installation.  Your gun is a candidate if it is a newer J-Frame with the pinned front sight, otherwise the gun would have to milled to accept it, and blued refinished.  Probably not feasible if you don’t have the pinned sight.

At 25 yards it was no trouble for me to hit pie plates at our local range.  The sight sits very well on the gun and makes it point more naturally for me.  I always feel like I am dipping the barrel down to align the sights on revolvers.  With the Big Dot I just put the sight centered in the notch and put the Big Dot on the target.

This is a great improvement for smaller S&W that don’t offer much in the way of a sight picture.  If you can improve your accuracy with your daily carry gun, you have given yourself one more advantage.  Especially with the smaller revolvers which are much more difficult to shoot accurately.  Sight installed is $100.